About Us

Who We Are

We are professionals in corporate governance, accounting, human resources management, corporate law, finance and fundraising at the institutional level.  We have, for decades, performed public company reporting supervised by regulators in Canada and China/Hong Kong.  We have grown public companies from start-up, built IT systems from nothing, and raised $100 million in board rooms across North America, Europe, and Asia using data and research elegantly and frugally assembled into a 30-page deck.

We have graduate degrees, designations that qualify us to be independent directors, and 20 to 30 years of experience.  We have been President, CEO, CFO, and senior managers of public and private companies in Canada and internationally.  We have devised and driven business strategy in good times and in times of severe distress.  We have won and we have lost.  We learned lessons from both.

Leadership is everything.  Responsibility is everything.  Actions that prove integrity and inspire loyalty win excellence and success in the long term.

If you want your team of 8 or your company of 8,000 to drive in the same direction, you must provide brilliant and clear strategy, demonstrate leadership resolve, provide simple and direct goals, and correct and reward behavior, as a daily program.