Independent Director

Looking for an Independent Director?

You may be looking for an independent director because your organization wants to transform, and that may start with creating a fully independent board of directors.  You may be wanting to fulfill regulatory requirements.  You may wish to add expertise to your board.  You may be a family company or a tightly controlled organization, and this is an opportunity to bring independent representation to minority shareholders.  Or, you may want to broaden the focus of your board, encompassing stakeholder views beyond shareholders and including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies into board decisions and actions.


ESG focus and reporting is being discussed as a business differentiator that may help any business become more sustainable and therefore more competitive.  Global and national markets are taking a deeper look at what drives long-term value creation in a business, using metrics not typically found on a balance sheet to more comprehensively measure and communicate a company’s value.  It is said that more and more (institutional) investors view the inclusion of ESG issues as a critical element to building a more sustainable business that can adapt to industry, regulatory, and market shifts.  Shifts like the adoption of AI, effects related to climate change, social equity and diversity, and black swan events.
Brightsun offers an independent director for your board who has 20+ years of experience on public and private boards, international experience, and 30+ years of executive experience in the roles of President, CFO, and VP.  He has recently completed the Institute of Corporate Directors designation (ICD.D) and was valedictorian, and holds an MBA from Queen’s University.  He has worked in banking and brokerage, energy, equipment finance, and most recently cannabis.
Your director has worked on family boards, public company boards, and boards in Asia.  He has managed projects from start-up in Canada and China (PRC) and has raised $100 million from Europe, USA, Canada, and Asia for these projects.  He has lived through real risk and can identify it easily.  Excellent companies are run by excellent teams, and this starts by example with the board of directors.  Independence is known to be one of the important elements of a high-performing board.
The Harvard Business Review (Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, September 2002) targeted the following important elements of Great Boards:

  • Independence: “Good-governance advocates and stock exchange heavyweights alike have argued that boards with too many insiders are less clean and less accountable”
  • A virtuous cycle of respect, trust, and candor
  • A culture of open dissent
  • A fluid portfolio of board roles
  • Individual accountability
  • Performance evaluations

So, when you have decided your board can do more, and an independent board member is part of the answer, contact us for an in-depth discussion of joining your board as an independent.